Dog Daycare

Make your best friend happy with a visit to Ruff Dog Daycare. We provide a fun & safe off-leash Dog Daycare environment for dogs of all sizes and breeds to properly socialize. Ruff Dog Daycare dogs are placed by size and temperament, allowing them to exercise and socialize in a way that is natural for them. After a fun day of romping, playing and napping at Ruff Dog Daycare, your pup will come home happy and relaxed, which means a better behaved dog at home.


Whether your pooch is at Ruff Dog Daycare for an entire day while you’re at the office or just a few hours while you run your errands, we’ll make sure your doggie socializes to thier heart’s content—rain or shine. 


Our fun climate controled indoor play area offers lots of room for fetching and rambling. but sometimes what your dog really needs is a bit of fresh air. as long as the weather permits, your pooch can roam our  outdoor play area—frolicking in the sun, and soaking up that precious vitamin D. 


There’s no need to worry about leaving the television on for company anymore at Ruff Dog Daycare, they’ll socialize with dogs of all shapes and sizes, making new friends every day. We’ll happily take care of any other needs your dog may need. 

Ruff Dog Daycare & Boarding
621 Old Hickory Blvd,
Nashville, TN 37209
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By Appointment
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